Quire Thrillers

Ajax Quire

Ajax Quire is the hero of another (soon-to-be-published) Macchiusi novel, Lurking in Plain Sight. I am currently at work on the The Prion File, which is the second of the Quire thrillers.

Inspired by the writing of Philip Kerr, Len Deighton, Irvine Welsh, and Thomas Harris, these books are gritty, visceral, and fast-paced. Whether you enjoy crime potboilers or spy thrillers, Quire will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A highly trained agent working deep cover in the New York crime organization of Vince Di Carlo, Quire isn’t an agent of any state intelligence service. His boss is a former MI6 operative calling himself Control. He recruited Quire from a Glasgow private school at the age of fourteen and paid for his training.

For more of Quire’s exploits, click here to read ‘Quotidian Fever’, a free Ajax Quire short story.

Click here to visit Quire’s blog, Better Than James Bond.



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