Contest of Glorious Amazement!

Win a free copy of The Betelgeuse Oracle!

Short of funds, the Propaganda Ministry of North Korea is doing freelance work. They have designed this contest to publicize my website. Read the scenario. Write a short response. It’s that easy!

Suppose you are an alien entity. What appears to be your human body is really just a biological life-support system specially designed to sustain you for conducting detailed research on this strange planet and its inhabitants. As you examine your new surroundings, what strikes you as the most bizarre aspect of life here?

Leave your response in the comments section before 12:00 midnight on March 1, 2013. An esteemed panel of literary geniuses (a.k.a. Propaganda Ministry hacks) will choose the top three responses for their creativity, wit, and subversion. All three will win a free copy of The Betelgeuse Oracle.

Start writing!

One thought on “Contest of Glorious Amazement!

  1. Most of the bipeds I encounter are covered in some type of synthetic skin with varying vibrant colors and textures. Most males cover their hooves with hard encasements while the females use long spiked weaponry to elevate the posterior hoove portion. The females must be the hunter/gatherers, however their arms and front paws would seem to be better articulated for battle.

    The oddest think is their eyes. Both male and female tend to focus on my middle leg, The older females tend to make strange glances where their optic glands rotate, while many of the males make verbal comments. I must learn their language so I can understand what is meant by gay fruit bag.

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